29 Feb 2020

Paradigm x ZeeZout Winter Parade 2020

Come and march our Winter Parade: an eccentric phenomenon that will reside completely outside of the known spectrum! Paradigm and ZeeZout team up aga...

8 Mar 2020

Klein Berlijn

Nadat de editie afgelopen september letterlijk in het water is gevallen, nemen we voor deze editie het zekere voor het onzekere en gaan we lekker naar...

14 Mar 2020



27 Mar 2020

Brei- en haakdagen Groningen (27 en 28 maart)

Vrijdag 27 maart 2020 – 10.00-17.00 uur Zaterdag 28 maart 2020 – 10.00-17.00 uur. Vrijdag 27 maart 2020 – 10.00-17.00 uur Zaterdag 28 maart 2020...

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10 Apr 2020

PRDGM WKNDR Pt.1: Suvernuver (5 year anniversary)

"Hey, what can I get you?" Just give me a small Suver and a big Nuver. We've got some celebrating to do: the five year anniversary of Suvernuver is...

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11 Apr 2020


Convoi Exceptionnel keert terug tijdens de Paradigm Weekender in April. De kaartverkoop zal donderdag 23/01 van start gaan tijdens de Ticket Week van ...

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12 Apr 2020

PRDGM WKNDR Pt.3: Sunday Afternoon Collective

SAC has always been one of our favorite concepts. After a magical reintroduction in our Forest, it's time to go indoor again, as final part of our Wee...

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26 Apr 2020

A Paradigm of Excellence: King’s Night

Heads up! We're going to frame APOE differently this year. As a result, we won't be hosting an event during King's Day. Instead, we're planning to dir...

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